If you’re a Manifestor who seeks a new Turbo Charged Technology Assisted Process that delivers for FREEDOM, IMPACT and PROSPERITY, AND EASE...
In-Power YOUnIverse

with clarity, energy, your genius on tap from Day 1.

Dear Reader,

It’s true…

In this bloody red world with cutthroat competition making it even harder for you and me to rely on our abilities to Manifest and Materialize anything we want...

In a world that constantly tries to take you away from your own inner guidance and genius, wanting you to rely on experts and methods you don’t agree with...

There’s one BEST way for you even a beginner to Master the art of Materialization and Manifesting, allowing you to prosper in this tipsy turvy world.

And believe it or not, it only takes you an hour, 3x a week, to build and design that dream life you desire and deserve.

Let’s begin.

Hi! My name is John Humphrey…

I am a Money and Manifesting Strategist and one of the founders of In Power YOUniverse.

I have owned and operated 5 successful companies in the last 20 years, leaving the lucrative world of corporateconsulting back in the 1990s, to opening my first personal development company in 2002. My goal has always been to inspire and offer the latest and greatest tools for people to implement so they too can manifest their dream lives.

My story started with popular programs, like Tony 
Robbins, to the ultra spiritual practices of gurus like Bijan. My journey led me to everything in between. All with a focus on answering this question, “How do we create things we want in our lives?”

I learned practices like Law of Attraction, watched movies like The Secret, all dancing around this concept of creating in a Universe that was based in Laws of Attraction.

I had my ups and downs, victories and disappointments, and finally came out the other side the Victor of My Own Life. And not only that, I finally had something that went beyond a theory, but was actually producing results.

It was the perfect combination of Meditation, Prosperity Attraction Principles, and Quantum Physics Technology.

That’s right, technology. That was something that for years never came into the picture. But now there is Quantum Physics technology, based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, and others, that can assist you and me to Materializing anything we put our minds to.

But let’s go back just a short time ago, and how this all got here for you.

But before all this…

It was the 2015, and I have 2 businesses doing great. Making money, things were manifesting, all was going great.
My wife Michelle and I were enjoying our 5 year son John Robert, we had friends galore around us, wanted for nothing.

And then March 2020 came along, and turned everything we knew upside down.

That’s right, I don’t have to tell you what happened back then, because you already know all about it, COVID.
It came into or lives and disrupted the 2 main businesses that I was building, a Real Estate Short Term Vacation Rental Business, and a Real Estate Education Company. Both were cranking along and providing plenty of money to live a great life.

What I didn’t know was the silent killer that took our family and our marriage by storm.

You see, my wife and I are very social people, especially Michelle. When COVID happened it was right when it was time to celebrate her birthday, March 16. Instead of having a party with all our friends, we were forced to do a dinner by ZOOM. Our son was sent home from school that week as well, and things were getting strange.

All the social interaction my wife was used to, through her business, friends, groups, etc, all came to halt, and the isolation really started to take a toll in our house.

Slowly but surely Michelle started to go downhill, often spending hours in our bedroom, crying uncontrollably, not knowing what was going on with her.

You see, Michelle had been a long upstanding Business Coach, super positive, where her clients enjoyed her upbeat attitude and wisdom to help them create more revenues in their businesses and more fulfillment in their lives.

Now, she was caught in a downward spiral that she simply couldn’t get out of.

I pulled out all my tools of manifesting, thinking positively, meditation, clearing principles, you name it, I was throwing everything I had at it but the kitchen sink. And not only were none of these techniques working, but she was getting worse. 

Even our son would ask why Mommy was crying all the time. It was dark and it was awful.

You see, Michelle’s ability to connect with the world all went away with COVID. She wasn’t a Social Media person, she loved to connect in person, so Zoom calls simply were not cutting it. And now the world had gone digital, and she was feeling like the world was leaving her behind and that she had no place for how she’d like to experience the world.

Then it happened

I was in meditation one afternoon, and I heard a voice say to me, Send her to Sedona. If you have never heard of Sedona, AZ, it’s like the carnival of spirituality. Everything you can think of is there, and all types of healers. 

I didn’t know what she would find, but I knew that start of the journey back for her was there.

So I told her to pack a bag and start driving out to Sedona. We were living in Carlsbad, CA and its about an 8 hour drive. It was late in the afternoon and by the time she would be arriving in Sedona, it would be really late. No matter, she packed and left.

I got on the web and found her an Airbnb to stay at for a week. 

Fast forward a few days, and Michelle found herself relaxing, meditating, eating healthy foods, drinking lot’s of water, feeding her soul in any way she could.

On the 3rd day of her journey, Michelle bumps into a friend of hers in a food store. She hadn’t seen her friend in nearly 10 years and they spent some time together catching up.

One thing led to another and she invited Michelle to a meeting her friend was putting together that Friday night. She accepted and attended.

During the evening, someone brought out a Quantum Physics Healing Device. I won’t tell you the name yet, I want you to follow the trail with me here first. 

So Michelle was offered some time on the machine and she ends up calling me 30 minutes later. She was practically in tears. She told me she had not been able to feel this good in months, and something with this machine has really made a difference.

She ended up booking a couple of more sessions with the device and began to see immediate results in her mood, energy, clarity, focus, and most important, PEACE.

When she arrived home and told me all the details I immediately began to do some research and wanted to meet the person who actually invented it all.

Labor Day Excursion

The weekend of Labor Day, all three of us piled in our car and we drove North to have a meeting with the inventor of this device. He agreed to have his staff and himself available to meet on Labor Day.

It was a far drive up North about 12 hours, and we stopped for the night in Lake Tahoe for some fun.

The next day our meeting in Reno proved to be an eye opening and mind expanding experience of a lifetime.

As we sat with the Dr who invented this Quantum Physics Device, it all started to make sense.

What if there was a way to merge all the Spiritual Practices of manifesting anything and everything in your life, with a piece of Quantum Physics Technology?

Where Spirituality Meets Science

The pandemic got me to evaluate and dig deep into my entire manifestation model which showed me two things:
We have the technology to assist us to materialize and manifest everything.
  • Totally natural
  • Works on frequency and vibration
  • ​Targets any area of your life
  • ​Money and Prosperity
  • ​Health and Vitality
  • Clarity and Connection with Our Inner Genius
  • Wholly and Fulfilling Relationships
  • Purpose and Drive
  • ​Fun, Enjoyment, and Ease and Joy in Life
Fast forward to 2021, and I have Michelle back.

We have 3 businesses up and running and doing great.

New directions, people, projects, resources, and opportunities are coming at us from many directions.

COVID is no longer running our lives. We are thriving in the midst of all the chaos around. Happenstances and coincidences are everywhere, and not just once and a while, they are happening all the time.

It’s like the Universe is working in Hyper Drive to bring us every Person, Place, Resource, and Opportunity to fulfill what’s in our hearts.

And this is just the beginning of the fun...

So you see, In Power YOUinverse is not just a catchphrase, it’s the real deal!


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
to Manifest and Materialize Your Dream Life With The Use
Of Your Mind with Quantum Physics Technology

During the In Power YOUniverse Journey,
we will teach you the detailed process of
Manifesting success. We will walk you through all the
steps from start to finish and partner up with you if
you’re struggling to find your inner guidance and genius.

With a powerhouse team, we can only guarantee you PURE results.

Now, you’ll not have to blindly take the leap all on your own.

I have built a group from the ground up to bring you the power of a collected experience...

A system of what works and what doesn’t not just in manifesting but in designing your dream life with results.

Over time, I created the proven formula for a “Perfect Life” which generates a liberating Prosperity Filled Experience.

And I will teach them to you through a step-by-step blueprint called:

3 PILLARS OF Manifesting and Materialization Mastery

So if you’re wondering…

How does the In PowerYOUniverse Journey work?

● You will be equipped with the 3 Master Pillars of Success and all the necessary tools and
   proven systems in Manifesting and Materializing Your Dream Life

● You will work hand in hand with our experts in learning how to use your mind in a way you
   never have before. How to use your mind in conjunction with Quantum Physics Assistance at
   the cellular level.

● You will enjoy unlimited Quantum Physics Sessions directly from the comfort of your own home,
   simply with the access of your smart phone.

● You will join a High Energy and Conscious Group of Individuals and see first hand what high -
   performing people are made of.

● You will be taught how to use your mind to Materialize and Manifest Everything so that you can
   free up your time and really enjoy your life.

● You will have access to a special Members Area, where special Lessons, Source Tones, and
   Training will be updated on an ongoing basis.

We Are On A Mission of Freeing Individuals From
Their Own Prison of Limitations...

Check out what our clients have to say about us

Look, I know that big money is not the only thing that ticks your list as an individual.

You also want to create a high impact life that changes the world and changes you. 

Looking back, that is also the reason why my mind was fixed on succeeding in my life and career.

From the beginning I’ve always wanted to make an impact by teaching people that's where my heart and skills are.

And now, because of my success , I am now in a better position to help others build their prosperity marrying Prosperity Consciousness and Quantum Physics Technology.

I remember a comment from one of my mentors when I published a gratitude content in my social media.    

Here’s the process for you to try this out for yourself.


Book A LEVEL UP Session HERE


Email a high resolution picture of yourself (face shot) to the provided
email address. This acts like a Quantum Fingerprint for your session. 
This will be explained on the call.

Email: Michelle@YourProsperityAccelerator.com


At the time of your LEVEL UP Session be in a place that will allow you
to sit in a comfortable chair where you can have non interrupted attention.
No taking the call from a car or working on your computer at the time.
You need total attention.

You will need to have earbuds or airpods for the call. You will be
experiencing the Quantum Physics Technology personally.


Debrief the Session with your trainer

Here’s what people are saying...

You’re probably thinking, wow, is this really going to work for me, or can I really finally break through.
Let me tell you why your In Power YOUniverse Journey is MORE than just an education and performance platform...

Why In Power YOUniverse Is One-of-a-Kind

#1 Biggest difference is that In Power YOUnivere is not just a training company. It’s a consciousness opportunity AND development company.

We get it. A lot of our attendees get overwhelmed with the education part of this whole using your mind concept.

We know you want it, you want to learn how to make money with the direct use of your mind and that Inner Power.

But the actuality is…

You really don't want to learn how to use your own mind properly, you just want to actually see the results, the money in your account, the nice house, the ease of life.

You really don't want to know so much about how to set up of using your mind, you want your mind doing what you want it to do for you.

You don't really want to know the methods, you just want the results. I get it.

I’ve been where you have been. 20 years ago I was searching for the same thing. I tried a lot of things, that had great promise. I understood the concepts but found myself falling short time and time again.

Well guess what? Through my own trips and stumbles, I have done the heavy lifting for you. I have now been able to cut your time down substantially. I paved the path for you.

#2 You get access to over 100k in Quantum Physics Upleveling Sessions for a fraction of the cost.

For the past year we have been charging upwards of $400 for a single 1 hour session live in our home. And our calendar has been full.

But now with this breakthrough in the technology and the ease of now using this from the comfort of your own home, you can hyper shoot your growth with 3 sessions of day if you like.

Imagine getting 90 sessions a month for the price of a single session.

Never been done before and you get to be a part of the special group of 100 that is In The Know.

#3 And the final advantage of In Power YOUniverse is that we’re not tied to a single methodology for your success.

One of the biggest issues I had about learning other techniques in the past is that I always felt I was forced to do things that weren’t really me.

That is why we are so excited about what we offer, is a return back to YOU. You have an inner genius, an inner talent, an inner path that is just perfect for you.

Your challenge has been that all this other stuff that has been getting in the way.

Let’s get you clear and connected again, because once you MAKE that connection, your life will start to deliver for you. And that is the
juiciness of life.

To set your expectations…

Once you click the Book Level Up Session button, you will be led to a page that will go over all the steps to experiencing the In Power YOUniverse Process for yourself.

From there, we will give you further instructions.
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